Michael Saltzstein Talks About The Multiple Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is among the most popular activities across the world. There is nothing better than going for a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. As pointed out by Michael Saltzstein due to its high enjoyment factor and multiple health benefits, swimming has been referred to as the perfect exercise by many. Swimming is among the very few exercises that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, without causing any damage to their joints. Moreover, swimming is way more enjoyable than the majority of other types of physical workouts, and hence people shall never lack the encouragement to engage in it.

Swimming can be an excellent workout option for all people. An hour of swimming can burn almost as many calories as running, without having any negative impact on the bones and joints. Michael Saltzstein says that due to the many benefits of swimming, it is the fourth most popular physical activity in the United States. Mr. Saltzstein is a veteran USA swimming official, and hence has a good knowledge of how this activity can help people. He mentions that in addition to being a good workout option, swimming is also a fun-filled recreational activity that can be enjoyed with friends.

There are multiple advantages to swimming. Here are some of the major ones as underlined by Michael Saltzstein:

  • Improves muscle definition and strength: With consistent practice, swimmers can gain good muscle strength throughout their body. Unlike running where mostly the leg muscles are strengthened, in swimming way more muscle groups are utilized to help people to move through water. This makes swimming one of the most effective aerobic exercises that provides people with a total body workout.
  • Helps people to stay flexible: Swimmers are required to stretch, twist, and pull their way through the water. Their ankles act like fins and are stretched with each kick, as they push off against the liquid pressure. This repetitive stretching helps people in improving their flexibility.
  • Burns calories: It is common knowledge that swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories. However, not everyone knows that swimming can be as efficient as running on the treadmill, depending on the strokes practiced by the swimmer and their intensity. Moreover, in swimming, people do not have to worry about high sweating and tiredness, unlike running.
  • Safe exercise option: Swimming can be an appropriate exercise option for people with certain health conditions, like arthritis. People with minor injuries or other issues that make high-impact exercises difficult can also safely participate in swimming to provide their body with the needed workout. The humid environment of indoor pools additionally makes swimming a great activity for people suffering from asthma. Moreover, certain breathing exercises associated with swimming, such as holding the breath, can help people to expand their lung capacity and gain control over breathing.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, according to certain research results, swimming might be helpful in enabling people to sleep better at night.  Owing to the many advantages of swimming, it is recommended that all people must at least try this activity out.